You Say You Want to Write a Novel.

I Know Why You Haven't.

You don't trust your muse.

It's simple. All your excuses boil down to one thing: you fear your muse is selling you snake oil.

What's worse than never writing your novel? Writing it and realizing it stinks.

Nope! Much worse is to wonder if your novel would have been read and loved. 

What's the difference between Stephen King, J.K. Rowling, Gillian Flynn and you? They trusted their muses and wrote their novels.

How can I help you hack your muse while you learn to trust her?

  • I will walk with you through the process daily.
  • I will help you overcome every obstacle.
  • I will offer you seasoned and proven ways to get past the excuses and write.

Ready to give up the excuses and go from "I want to write a novel." to "I have written a novel."?

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USA Today Bestselling author Kelly McClymer had written for Kensington Books and Simon and Schuster publishing houses. Now she writes and publishes herself, under her Kelly McClymer Books imprint.
Kelly has spent 30 years working with writers. She knows the muse well, and she loves to help others hack their muses and write their novels.
Hack Your Muse: Finish Your Novel in 8 Weeks is a complete refresh of a course Kelly taught through email with Writer's Weekly. The course is meant for writers who want to stop procrastinating and start writing, but know they need help to keep up with the commitment.
The concept is simple: the only way to write a novel is to write it. Sometimes it helps to have someone -- who has done it, and has helped others do it -- by your side every day to remind you that you, too, can do it.

The Course Gives You Everything You Need to Write a Novel, Except the Story:

Breaking News!

Kelly McClymer has created an exclusive offer for writers who are interested in making a greater investment in getting from idea to successful self publishing launch. For this custom-tailored offer, Kelly will guide you from idea to successful publishing launch in four phases. This is a substantial investment in both time and money, and there is only room for a few writers. Check out The Well Executed Writer if you're curious what it might be like to have an expert do much of the publishing, marketing, and set up work for you, while you focus on the writing.