kelly (12) lossyKelly McClymer, Author

Kelly began writing in elementary school when her 6th grade teacher praised her essay on bread baking that went awry. She continued her writing in high school, writing for and co-editing the school newspaper. Kelly's speciality was movie reviews (she was not going to do sports!).

In college, Kelly got her BA in English (duh). She began to focus on science fiction, where she spent many years writing sf stories about mothers that no science fiction magazine bought (tip to aspiring writers -- send stories that the magazine demographic wants to read). She made a few sales to women-focused small fantasy magazines, but mostly spent her time raising children and working odd jobs.

Kelly got her big publishing break when she switched to writing romance novels (partly because she enjoys romance novels, but also because she got tired of hearing, "This story doesn't really end, you should turn it into a novel.")

After publishing seven historical romances (the Once Upon a Wedding series), Kelly got an idea for a young adult novel series based around a cheerleading teen witch. The Salem Witch Tryouts was published by Simon and Schuster, along with two other books in the series and two others not in the series.

When the indie author digital revolution hit, Kelly got the rights back to her historical romance series and put them out herself. She then began adding new indie novels, a young adult dark fantasy novel, a chicklit novel, and several cozy momlit mystery novels in a new Secret Shopper Mom series.

But then...her fairy godmother finally waved her magic wand and Kelly McClymer, Author, turned into....


Kelly McClymer, Authorpreneur

What's the difference between an author and an authorpreneur? Well, it's a little like the difference between Clark Kent and Superman. Check out the chart below to see the vs authorpreneur

As Kelly heard from her readers that they wanted more from her, she began to think about how to give it to them.

EverTwixt, which started out as a trilogy that any author might write, morphed into EverTwixt the immersive storyverse. As an immersive storyverse, EverTwixt can give readers more of what they want:

  • more time with characters
  • more cliffhangers
  • more romance
  • more mystery
  • more twists
  • more turns

Most importantly, Kelly can offer you the VIP reader experience you've always dreamed of.

When you join EverTwixt, you will be surprised, delighted, frustrated, tormented, and...ultimately...satisfied by the twists and turns of the EverTwixt storyverse.

Let the innovation begin!