Hi! You must have come here after seeing a plea by Kelly McClymer* for backlist series to use to test out some marketing theories. Thank you!

Novelpath** (what we hope will soon be a great startup to bring readers and authors together) needs to test four critical author marketing assumptions.

You can help prove the most critical assumption -- that FaceBook marketing can drive sales for full price backlist books if it is done consistently and well (more about that if your books qualify).

If your books fit the testing criteria, you could have a marketing team promote your backlist series every week for 4 months, so you don't have to.

UPDATE: We've added two (slight) sub-sub-genres to the mix in order to enrich our expected data trove. The criteria is strict (sorry about that, but these series will be marketed four ways to Sunday, and they need to be in the same sub-genre):

  1. Must be a series in either Victorian Historical Romance **or Regency Historical romance** or Fairytale Based Fantasy **or Myth Based Fantasy**. NO Erotica (again, sorry -- once we have our tools in place we will accept every genre and heat level but we don't want initial testing and development of the tools and models to be affected by FB ad jail problems).
  2. Must have 3 or more books in the series.
  3. Preference will be given to series with higher priced books (3.99-5.99). NOTE: any already planned sales prices do not need to be changed, but this marketing experiment is not focused on sale price promotion. We want to look closely at what moves readers to buy full priced books in our two selected subgenres.

NOTE: If you are chosen, there will be a $200 fee. Yes, this is insanely low, but only because our goal is data and marketing insight to test our 4 assumptions and we aren't trying to make a profit on this experiment, just cover the cost of running multiple targeted ads on multiple books for 12 weeks.

You will also get weekly reports to let you know what was done and how it fared in several important marketing metrics. A marketing insight wrap-up report at the end of the four-month experiment will give you a big picture of our major insights, as well as a quick snapshot of what worked best for marketing your series in particular.

If this sounds like an interesting and worthwhile experiment to you, please submit your series information by August 22 (we're building our book/ad/data collection tools as we speak and need to be ready to go on September 1) and let's get started building a better way to bring readers and authors together.

If you can't participate, for whatever reason, but you want to follow along, you can. ***

*Kelly McClymer - author of Victorian historical romance, cozy mystery, and YA fantasy. Entrepreneur who wants to build a way for readers to find the books they will love and for authors to get their books into the hands of every reader who will love them.

**NovelPath - a startup company aiming to bring readers and the books they love together, while giving authors a chance to jump off the hamster wheel of marketing and concentrate more on the writing/creative part of the business.

***You can sign up to get (broad, general) results we glean from the experiment from the NovelPath newsletter here: https://kellymcclymerbooks.activehosted.com/f/90

Novelpath Beta Author 4 Month Marketing Test Application